The following is an analysis of  Death From Above 1979 are a two-piece rock band from Toronto, Canada.  I would describe their music as punk rock with a little bit of a techno dance vibe to it.  The band’s website exist for entertainment and promotional purposes.  The design and navigation of the website are untroublesome.  It sells the artists through their music, image and personality.

The title page of is an all pink background and a black and white drawing of two heads with elephant trunks. If you drag the cursor over the picture, you notice that it is a link.  Clicking on the link will cause a new window to open.  The new window is the main page of the website.

The website is designed to be viewed in a smaller window which opens away from the browser.  Most of the text is black, capitalized and the same font.  Death From Above 1979 is displayed in large bold and white letters on the top left corner of the all black header.  In the top right corner of the header is a small white media player, which plays a few songs.  On the left of the main page are various links that lead to different subjects of information about the band.  Below the links is another elephant head picture in black and white.  No matter what link is clicked on, except “MERCHANDISE,” the header, the links on the left and the elephant heads are always displayed.  The links are designed in an all black font and the words are all capitalized. The links are called “MEMO, SHOWS, VIDEOS, MUSIC, MERCH, ARTICLES, PHOTO/PRESS, CONTACT, NERDS, LINKS.”

The “MEMO” link is designed as a blog written by the band.  The design of the text is all black and the words are capitalized.  Each entry is dated and divided by a thin black line.  On the “SHOWS” page it lists all the shows DFA1979 have played.  The design of the text is black font and capitalized words.  The “MUSIC” link contains pictures of the bands recorded material.  Under each picture is the title of the record and a couple links for mp3 downloads.  The “MERCH” link brings you to a whole new website.  The website is a company that distributes DFA979 merchandise.  The “PHOTO/PRESS” link is designed with photos on one side and links to the articles from which the photos were taken.  The links are in underlined red font and are capitalized.  The “VIDEOS” link takes you to page that has all the bands videos.  Each link to a video is a picture from the video with the title of the song below it.  The pictures are laid out horizontally in two rows across the page.  The “CONTACT” link brings you to various management emails that are in all black and capitalized text.  The “NERDS” link is a page with links to the message board, MySpace, and  These links are written in all red underlined text.  The “LINKS” page is a list of random links designed in all red underlined text.

The website exists for entertainment and promotional purposes.  There are various applications on the website aimed to entertain people such as the media player which plays DFA1979 songs.  There are five music videos for people to watch.  It also contains photos, links to articles and a blog written by the band.  It is promotional because their music is a product.  By having a website which contains music, videos and articles it gives the band a tool to gain new fans.  People may listen to the media player and decide they want to buy the album, go to a show or buy some merchandise.

What does not work about the website is how plain it is.  Many viewers may be drawn away because the design and navigation are dull.  It needs more texture, graphics and photos.  What works about the site is its simplicity.  Someone who is on the site can get around very easily.  The design and navigation lets a person easily get a taste of what DFA1979 is.

The website sells the artist through their music, image and personality.  A viewer of the site can listen to various songs through the media player.  They can also watch videos of the bands’ singles.  They sell their image through material like the “MEMO” link, which gives people a taste of the band’s personality.   There are also various photographs people can view.  By having all these things the website hopes to sell the artist.



The video contains a montage of  edited still images that tell a story about the breakup of a lesbian couple.  I used various still images of the two women to portray a dying romance. The lyrics in the song are used to tell the story. Each clip is  synced up with a lyric.  By doing this I create an emotion of the characters through the music and still images.  I edited it mainly using straight cuts.   The song is one I created myself. The lyrics are as following: I’ve lost everything that can be found, Oh please Oh please get off the ground, Oh please help me I need it, Oh please help me I need it, Oh no you’re gone, You’re better alone, Isn’t it just like you, Isn’t it just like you. The lyrics tell the story of the breakup from both individual’s perspective.

For this video editing project I used a song by Beethoven for the audio.  I called the video “Three Clowns in a Bar” because that is what it is.  Three clowns throwing pies and poking around at a each other in a bar!  I cut each clip to achieve a movement with the motion of the music.  Each change in clip is a change in song.  I feel this adds a weird emotion to an already weird clip.  The shots of the girls on the stairs are used to show that people in the bar are actually watching these clowns throw pies at each other, and they are getting a kick out of it.  I accomplished my goal by using straight cuts and a couple of jump cuts and transition cuts.

I decided to make the unknown girl a musician.  This is a design of what her website will look like.   The overall design, such as the pictures, graphics, colors and texts are all meant to give the viewer an idea of who this musician, “Michelle Rose,” is.  In Adobe Photoshop I took the background out by cropping the girl out of the picture.  I then duplicated and flipped the image.  I based the content of the design from material I had seen on other musicians’ websites.   I also used proximity for the news section, tour dates and menu bar.  Repetition was used with the border designs on the left and right.  I used alignment for the text so it was more attractive to the eye and added contrast to the picture of the girl and background header for appeal.